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Cold Processed Soap ( Charcoal, Licorice & Peppermint)

Cold Processed Soap ( Charcoal, Licorice & Peppermint)

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This delightful bar of organic cold processed soap combines the best organic ingredients to give you a refreshing shower experience while also cooling the skin.  

It's made with organic extra virgin olive oil , skin healing Sal butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic castor oil , sustainably sourced palm oil and nourishing sweet almond oil.

Each bar is enriched with the goodness of liquorice and charcoal that help remove dead skin cells, deeply detoxify the skin and help brighten and fight tanning. 

It is fragranced with peppermint essential oil that has quite a cooling and refreshing fragrance that lingers for a while even after your shower. 

This soap bar is suitable for all skin types, specially skin that deals with excessive sweating, congestion or dullness caused due to harsh summers.

We package our soaps using locally stitched cotton bags which can be used to keep above your soap tray below your soap to make the soap last even longer.⁣

Note : Cold processed soaps are made with cold pressed oils and lye to cause process called saponification which creates soap + glycerine as the end result. The natural glycerine produced during saponification in most commercial soaps is extracted , and since cold processed soaps contain glycerine naturally they are much more mild on your skin and specially great for sensitive skin types. 


Each Soap bar weighs 90-95 grams approx