About Us

Fiducia is an all natural handcrafted skincare brand which focuses on the use of high performance active ingredients resulting in a modernistic and elevated interpretation of natural products. 

We use authentic and unadulterated carrier oils, essentials oils and botanical extracts in all our products with stimulating and sensory amalgations of aromaceuticals to give you an invigorating experience.

Our story in our founder's words :

Almost two years back , I suddenly felt an urge to learn the art of candle making. This was something that i had already learnt as a child in a summer camp. I started researching about the different variations , fragrances , designs of handmade candles on the internet. ⁣

Being an avid researcher , i came across vegan wax candles , beeswax candles , soy wax candles and i chose soy wax candle as my first project. As i started to look for soy wax or soy wax candles in my city , i couldn’t find even one. Instead i found paraffin wax which i happily bought because the shopkeeper gave a great deal on it in comparison to what amazon was charging for soy wax. ⁣

I came back home and now reaearched about paraffin wax and was shocked to see that it is the same wax that was used in every candle i have ever seen around me. ⁣

Why was i shocked ? ⁣

Because the first thing that pops up when u google paraffin wax is that it is a petroleum derivative and is extremely toxic to breathe in and is often linked to causing asthma and lung cancer. ⁣

Even more shocking was that it was still being used so readily that even when its substitutes are available , the majority of the population around us still use a paraffin candle because it is so readily available. ⁣

How harmless can a candle be ? ⁣

To pollute our air with toxic fumes without even us knowing or realising its hazardness is what alerted me to be more conscious about my surroundings in that moment. ⁣

As consumers , we tend to only pay attention to the front of the label or the presentation , packaging and price of the product. With petroleum by products , fragrance and so many unnamed toxic ingredients used so readily that we as consumers choose to accept or ignore them and still choose to use them on us and our family is what led me towards this change. ⁣

To make a conscious decision to choose each and every ingredient that is clean , safe and nature derived and to ditch any toxic ingredient and choose to omit it now without waiting for any study in the future claiming its toxicity.⁣

This is the story of how “Fiducia Botanicals” came into existence and was founded by Pallavi Parwani on 2018 to bring you the absolute best in organic skincare without compromising on ingredients or effectiveness☘️