Chocolate Cold Processed Soap

Chocolate Cold Processed Soap

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This chocolatey breakfast soap bar is made of organic saponified oils along with walnut scrub for gentle exfoliation.

Made with - organic virgin coconut oil , organic castor oil , sustainably sourced palm oil, organic sunflower oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and organic fair trade unrefined Ghana shea butter , walnut scrub, phthalates free chocolate + vanilla fragrance oil 

We package our soaps using locally stitched cotton bags which can be used to keep above your soap tray below your soap to make the soap last even longer.⁣

weight - 85 grams approx per soap 

Note : Cold processed soaps are made with cold pressed oils and lye to cause process called saponification which creates soap + glycerine as the end result. The natural glycerine produced during saponification in most commercial soaps is extracted , and since cold processed soaps contain glycerine naturally they are more mild on your skin and specially great for sensitive skin types. 

Glycerine draws out moisture from the environment to retain its moisture, which is why during monsoons cold processed soaps can become slightly wet from the outside. This happens before the soap is actually in use and during transit. Don't worry, it is completely normal for cold processed soaps to do that , when you start using it , the soap stops sweating completely and is back to its normal state. 

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