What's my Skin Type ?

Before selecting any product or building a Skincare routine, the first step should be being aware of your skin type. It’s such a simple question yet it’s shocking how many people still don’t know their own skin type and can select the wrong products assuming their skin type to be something else.


There are five main skin types - oily, normal, combination, dry and sensitive.


Let’s discuss the set of challenges each skin type faces along with a quick rundown on each.


Oily skin - Oily skin is often accompanied by skin concerns like blackheads, enlarged pores and breakouts due to clogged pores. If your skin produces a lot of oil and sebum and it’s often shiny, then you have oily skin.


Dry skin - Dry skin lacks enough oil and may look dull or feel tight, it can be often accompanied with skin that cracks, flake or peels due to severe dryness and can also result to earlier signs of aging.


Normal skin - Skin that looks and feels well balanced, displays no skin concerns is referred to as normal.


Sensitive skin - Skin that can easily get irritated or aggravated with external factors, often accompanied with redness, itching and burning sensation or feels sensitive.


Combination skin - Skin that displays two or more of these defining characteristics - dryness and oiliness in different areas. Often, people with combination skin will have an oilier T-zone while their cheeks will be drier.



Moreover, skin type can change with every season or even with age or change due to hormones.


How to determine your skin type ?


An easy way to determine your skin type is to start with cleansed face and skip applying any skincare products for 25-30 minutes. Now, observe your skin closely and determine where your skin falls into amongst these categories.


Once you know your skin type and skin concerns, you’re now better equipped to build your routine accordingly.


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Have a happy skincare journey.




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