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Get rid of acne for good!

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Amongst the many skin concerns, the most common is acne and solving this issue is the trickiest of them all. We generally tend to assume a very general reason behind acne, which is not using the right products for your skin type. This however, is the last thing that you should figure out. The first step should be identifying the real reason behind acne for your skin type. There can be so many reasons behind acne. 1)Sensitivity or inflammation is the first reason which can result in acne, if you have suddenly switched up your skincare routine and something just...

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Back to dried herbs and clays

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You might have observed many kinds of masks and scrubs in the market right now. There are cream masks , gel masks , sheet masks and clay masks. Lets talk about one of the most common ones - clay masks. There are ones who are ready to use and no mixing medium is required and there are ones who come in a dried powder form which needs to be activated with water , curd , hydrosol or milk to be used. What is the difference between them apart from the form it reaches you in ? When a product is...

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