Get rid of acne for good!

Amongst the many skin concerns, the most common is acne and solving this issue is the trickiest of them all.
We generally tend to assume a very general reason behind acne, which is not using the right products for your skin type. This however, is the last thing that you should figure out.
The first step should be identifying the real reason behind acne for your skin type.
There can be so many reasons behind acne.
1)Sensitivity or inflammation is the first reason which can result in acne, if you have suddenly switched up your skincare routine and something just went haywire, or if you have been using products that are too harsh or loaded with ingredients that either you are allergic to or ingredients that are too harsh for your skin to handle, that might be the reason to your acne. Try using minimal products or products with natural ingredients only like pure hydrosols and oat based gentle cleansers for a week and if your skin feels better, then sensitivity was your reason. What you should do now is build on your skincare routine with soothing and nourishing natural skincare products while being absolutely minimal and your skin will recover.
2)Dandruff - If you oil your hair regularly and tend to overdo it a lot or you regularly deal with dandruff and observe acne around your forehead and back, your reason is dandruff. Only oil with minimal product on your scalp and avoid overdoing it and treat your dandruff first and you'll see your skin improving by itself. Try deep cleansing scalp products that contain ingredients like rhassoul clay and neem and this would keep dandruff at bay surely.
3)Excess oil sebum production - If your skin is very oily and no matter how many magnifying products you use, the oiliness doesn't seem to reduce at all this might be the reason for acne. When excess oil sits over the skin, its glands get clogged leading to a term called clogged pores. This leads to acne which is often very tricky to treat as you might end up washing your face thrice a day but it still wouldn't help a bit. First of all, avoid washing your face for more than twice a day, this will indirectly signal your skin to produce even more oil sebum which won't help your situation at all. Look for products containing salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) as it helps in dissolving excess oil sebum making your skin less oily, while also unclogging pores and helps dry up any active acne too. This is a magical ingredient for oily acne prone skin types as it not only helps reduce acne and oily skin but also helps in preventing them in the long run.
4)Hormonal acne - Hormonal or cystic acne can be the worst to deal with as they are at times very large in size and painful. These can come up due to stress, or when your hormones are fluctuating on different time periods around your cycle which effects your skin and causes it to generate more oil sebum causing deep acne. Unfortunately this type of acne can leave the worst scars or pits that can be a pain to deal with even after the acne itself is gone. Ingredients like hemp seed oil and Manuka essential oil tend to work wonders to regulate the excess oil sebum secretion and work in minimising cystic acne immensely. Our hemp & rose Otto facial lotion contains these two ingredients along with ingredients like rose hydrosol , tea tree hydrofoil , licorice extract which all combine to give you a super effective solution for hormonal or cystic acne.
5)Acne scars - After you have successfully dealt with acne for good, you might start to notice the scars and ways to treat them. Unlike spot treatment products for acne, acne scars can be very stubborn to be treated. Ingredients like alpha Arbutin , vitamin c , Seabuckthorn , turmeric, niacinamide, helichrysum and rosehip seed oil should be included in your skincare routine now along with including exfoliators and masks in your weekly routines. These will help with diminishing those pesky scars for good. Of course this might take months to see results depending on how old the scar is, but down the road when your skin appears more radiant and flawless day by day, this will totally be worth it.
Extras - On active acne, use ice or spritz with chilled hydrosol or water to soothe ongoing inflammation, avoid intense physical exfoliation. Use spot treatment products like our calendula exfoliator along with soothing products to help heal them quickly. Also, drinking more water and green tea also helps internally dealing with active acne.
Do not use essential oils like tea tree directly on your skin, this will lead to more sensitivity and cause long term problems, dilute them thoroughly or buy pre diluted products from trusted brands to avoid the risk of damaging your skin's barrier.
Let us know in the comments which kind of acne do you think you have, if you are still confused we will try to help you out.
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