Significance of carrier and essential oils in skincare ?

Oils can be a wonderful addition in skincare for any and all skin types , with the wide selection of oils to choose for , be it carrier oils or essential oils , one can sure find themselves in a confused state of mind.
There are hundreds of plant based carrier and essential oils with documented benefits that have found their way into all kinds of consumer personal care products specially in the field of cosmetics.
While formulating our product range, we noticed a constant lack of these incredible antioxidant rich ingredients in most of the brands with a fair presence in the market with most of the product containing fillers to increase skin feel while doing nothing for the skin itself.
Carrier oils are nourishing and powerfully healing on their own being rich in antioxidants , along with anti-inflammatory , anti-aging and detoxifying benefits of essential oils when used according to the specific dermal limits , while also creating a sensory appeal about the final product without any harmful synthetic fragrance additives.
Our rejuvenating glow facial oil serum is completely made of a blend of organic plant based carrier oils and essential oils enriched with high performance ingredients like Argan oil , rosehip seed oil , lavender essential oil , pumpkin seed oil , pomegranate seed oil , carrot seed oil, etc
All of our emulsions and anhydrous products are a powerhouse of these essential ingredients which provide nutrients to our skin , our oil based lotions and moisturizers are made with lightweight oils like rosehip oil , argan oil , hemp seed oil , prickly pear seed oil , apricot oil that fit the needs of oily , acne prone , sensitive , dry , combination and normal skin types along with gorgeous fragranced essential oils of manuka , palmarosa , lavender , neroli , helichrysum to make you excited to use your skincare each day.
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Carrier and essential oils are indispensable in skincare, offering a plethora of benefits for all skin types, from nourishing properties to powerful healing abilities, making them essential ingredients in effective skincare formulations.
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hank you for emphasizing the importance of carrier and essential oils in skincare! At, we’re committed to harnessing the power of nature for healthy skin. Our products feature antioxidant-rich carrier oils and therapeutic essential oils to provide nourishment and healing. Explore our range for natural skincare solutions.

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