How to Build your Skincare Routine - Step by Step Guide

It’s a New Year and you’ve decided on a new resolution to get your skincare game on this year.

But what to use and how many steps should your routine have ? What to use in the Am & Pm routine and how to layer the products you have in your shelf ?

Let’s make these things easy to figure out in this post for you.

A general rule of thumb you can follow is to apply in order of texture, from thinnest to thickest when layering multiple products. No matter, if your routine is 3 steps or 9 steps this rule makes things easier and each product has the opportunity to penetrate into the skin to give desired results.

Step 1 : Always, start with a clean canvas and that means cleansing. Morning and night, use a gentle foam based cleanser that leaves your skin clean but not dry. If you wear makeup, you will need to cleanse it with an oil / cream / balm based cleanser before using the foam based cleanser.

Step 2 : Now that you have a clean base, you will move on to your treatment steps. If you use a toner, start with that or use your gel based serums now ( remember the thinnest to thickest rule ). Make sure to include ingredients that can help address your skin concerns. For example, hyaloronic acid for adding moisture, niacinamide for evening skin out, salicylic acid for fighting acne, retinoids for preventing aging, etc.

Ps : Check the ingredients and when to use them, while most actives do well in Am & Pm both some are only meant to be used few times in a week or some only at nighttime.

Step 3 : Apply eye cream. Our eyes have the thinnest skin on our face and that means preventing any dehydration under your eyes is super important to avoid earlier signs of aging or dark circles.

Step 4 : This is the time when you use your nourishing moisturiser and take your time to really give your skin a good massage during this step to boost blood circulation as well as locking in all the moisture.

Step 5 : This would be the last step of any Skincare routine - Protecting. In the Am, this would mean using your sunscreen and in the Pm this would mean your face oils if you do use one depending on your skin type.

I hope this post helped your simplify your skincare routine.

Have a Happy Skincare Journey.



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