How to achieve that radiant glow using all organic products ?

With Indian festivities right around the corner, Navratri, Deepavali and the upcoming wedding season, you and your skin can certainly go through quite a lot at this time. Hectic long hours means lesser time for your body and skin to repair itself along with upcoming winters causing skin dehydration and dry , flaky skin which almost seem inevitable.
So the real question is, how to achieve that radiant festive glow on amidst the massive change in lifestyle and season change to get your skin prepped at its best even with everything happening simultaneously ?
The number one thing that you should definitely focus on is drinking more water. When your body is hydrated thoroughly, it will give you less havoc on the skin's surface too. Along with that, maintaining a consistent intake of seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will do quite a lot of magic without you needing to invest even a penny on those extreme parlour facials.
Now , let's touch base on what you can do to your skin externally to keep it at its best state possible. A consistent daily skincare regime should be your topmost priority as that is what gives you results on a long term basis. A daily cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen is an absolute must for all age groups. Ages 20+ should also include a gel based serum with actives along with a good under eye cream to tackle anti ageing even before it begins.
Select products always according to your skin type, with a confused skin type you will always pick the wrong products for your skin which will not help your skin a bit and in some cases might also cause sudden state of panic for your skin. Also a well known fact which is still ignored quite a bit is to never try any new products at least a month before any major event. When trying a new brand or product, always make sure to check the ingredients list to make sure that it would suit your skin.
When your daily skincare regime is all set, you can come to those pick me up at home facial treatment routines that is also a must for your skin to be at its best at all times. If your skin is sensitive you can do this routine twice or thrice a month , for all other skin types you can do it safely 4-8 times a month.
For an at home facial treatment, you need to have - a gentle cleanser, a steamer and some organic herbs, a gentle exfoliator, a deeply cleansing clay based mask , a soothing toner , gel based serum with actives , moisturiser and an under eye cream. A crystal face roller or gua sha can also be used optionally.
It is optimal to do this treatment at night as your skin will have more time to absorb all the nutrients and hence will be more effective. The main objective of this treatment is to throughly detox all toxins from your skin , help in rejuvenation hence promoting better product penetration. Your skin will improve in texture, appearance and tone and also have a very healthy glow for days after this treatment.
Start this treatment by gently removing your makeup and dirt with a sulphate free cleanser. Now is a good time to prepare a facial steam. Add some organic herbs on hot steaming water, you can also add a few drops of essential oil to the water and steam your face and neck for 5-10 minutes. Immediately after steaming, use a very gentle scrub to thoroughly exfoliate your skin for 3-4 minutes. Focus more on areas where you regularly deal with congested skin, whiteheads or blackheads. Areas with active acne should be avoided as not to aggravate the already existing acne.
After rinsing off the exfoliator, make yourself a deeply detoxifying clay mask containing bentonite clay, Dead Sea mud and choice of other ingredients like vetiver powder, hibiscus powder, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rice flour, etc. Keep this mask until it dries completely and rinse off thoroughly. Immediately spray your face with some cool plant hydrosol to help tone your skin and avoid any dryness after the detox mask. Storing the mist in the refrigerator is also a handy tip. Ideally, Spray the plant hydrosol on your face for unto 7 times to enhance maximum nutrient absorption and soothing benefits.
While your skin is still damp from the hydrosol, add a few drops of a gel based serum and massage your skin gently for 4-5 minutes. You can also use your face roller or gua sha at this point. Top it off with a moisturiser and an under eye cream and gently apply using soft upward strokes. This will be the final step of the treatment. By this step your skin will be already be appearing clearer, brighter, softer and more radiant. The next morning glow is even more better as by then all the products have absorbed wonderfully and your skin has accepted them wholeheartedly.
Doing this treatment regularly not only helps you achieve that radiant festive glow, but also helps in relaxing you and frees you from all the constant panic related to your skin. Doing this self love exercise is very rewarding for your skin and I am sure that all of you will absolutely love this and commit to this treatment just by seeing the spectacular results it provides.
Some staple products to start you off with this treatment - Lemongrass gel cleanser, Calendula brightening exfoliator, Floral facial mist, Daily brightening concentrate and under eye cream. These products are suitable for all skin types and will fit in your daily as well as your facial treatments seamlessly. Moisturiser should be chosen according to your unique skin type.
If you have any further queries, you can always reach out to us and we will be more than happy to guide you throughout your journey.
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