Actives in Skincare : What are they and how do they benefit you ?


You probably came across this term “Skincare actives” more than once if not multiple times in the past few years. But what exactly are actives ?

An active is the ingredient in a product that targets a particular skin concern. Amongst so many actives, it’s often difficult to narrow down on the actives that will actually benefit your particular skin type and concern.

These are the most common types of topical actives that you’ll come across that address specific skin issues :


  • signs of aging : Vitamin A or retinoids, vitamin c, vitamin e
  • Dryness : hyaloronic acid, vitamin e
  • Pigmentation issues : Niacinamide, alpha arbutin, vitamin c, AHA’s & BHAs
  • Acne : BHA, Azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide

You will find these ingredients in prescription products, over the counter products and even products containing natural ingredients.

So now that you know what they are, should you just select a product based on the active ingredient and its strength for yourself. When you decide to choose a product based on the active ingredient it contains, it’s also recommended to do some research on these aspects -


  • whether it’s meant for your skin type
  • Will it help your skin issues
  • How long will it take to give desired results
  • What strength actives should your product contain that will be more suitable for your particular skin type
  • Will it cause purging
  • Will it cause sun sensitivity ( meaning you need to be more diligent with sunscreen and limiting your sun exposure )
  • Will it work with all the other products in your routine


Unlike conventional products in the market, treat active based products as a different category altogether. You can get great results from actives but always start with a thorough research before adding any active based product in your routine. Use them with caution as Using them incorrectly can do more harm than good.

Ps : if you’re still confused on this topic, let us know how to simplify things for you or simply message us with all your queries so that we can help customise your routine with the products and ingredients that are meant for your skin type.



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