3 step Sensitive Skin Rescue Regime
3 step Sensitive Skin Rescue Regime

3 step Sensitive Skin Rescue Regime

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If your skin is extremely sensitive , irritated or inflamed you will find your solace in this sensitive skin rescue day and night CTM routine. 

Formulated with no harmful or potentially toxic chemicals, and only made with clean, organic and oil free ingredients this skincare regime will help your skin recover and breathe freely. 

Cleanse with Lemongrass gel cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and environmental pollution without stripping your skin off all its moisture or any tugging. This cleanser will be your best friend day and night. With the addition of witch hazel and pha , it will help shed dead skin cells without the need of any abrasive physical exfoliators and will also help deal with any unsightly acne quicker.

Refresh, soothe and tone your skin with Floral facial mist made with only the purest Hydrosols of rose, lavender, geranium and tea tree. Excellent to hydrate and refresh your skin on the go as well as balance your skin's natural ph throughout the day.

Lastly, hydrate and moisturise your skin with our Soothing & hydrating gel enriched with chamomile extract which will calm any redness, inflammation or dehydration within minutes. It is excellent to hydrate your skin without any tacky or heavy skin feel. It almost feels like water and will give your skin a wonderful glow.