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Cold Processed Soap (Amba Haldi - Anti tan fragrance free)
Cold Processed Soap (Amba Haldi - Anti tan fragrance free)
Cold Processed Soap (Amba Haldi - Anti tan fragrance free)

Cold Processed Soap (Amba Haldi - Anti tan fragrance free)

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Fiducia’s purifying artisan soaps are made with nourishing plant butters, organic cold pressed oils, detoxifying clays, natural exfoliants, locally sourced herbs and therapeutic essential oils that convert your shower time into a rejuvenating spa experience every time you use them ! 

Why should you choose this Soap ?

  • Mild soap which doesn't dry the skin
  • Amba haldi helps brighten dull skin
  • Helps with dull and tanned skin
  • Helps lighten scars and evens out texture
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as well , safe for all age groups 

How to use - Lather between hands with water and apply generously all over your body. This soap is gentle enough to use every day.

This is quite a gentle bar of organic cold processed soap that combines the best organic ingredients to give you a very relaxing shower experience while also nourishing the skin deeply.

This soap bar is completely fragrance free and suitable for extremely sensitive skin type and even babies. It is high in glycerine and is additionally boosted with the brightening Amba haldi to help with skin dullness & tanning. 

Ingredients -

Organic virgin coconut oil , organic castor oil , sustainably sourced palm oil, organic almond oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, healing kokum butter and Amba haldi

More information : Cold processed soaps are made with cold pressed oils and lye to cause process called saponification which creates soap + glycerine as the end result. The natural glycerine produced during saponification in most commercial soaps is extracted , and since cold processed soaps contain glycerine naturally they are much more mild on your skin.