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Bath Salts (Choose Your Blend)
Bath Salts (Choose Your Blend)

Bath Salts (Choose Your Blend)

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Made with the most raw and unpolished form of Himalayan pink rock salts procured straight from the source and hand pounded to achieve these gorgeous looking crystal salts. 

There are numerous benefits of including bath salts in your daily routine. It helps relax and de-stress your muscles, helps in remineralising your body of lost minerals and helps in detoxifying the skin.

Choosing your essential oil blend for its aromatherapy benefits can be highly personal and subjective.

Calming Lavender essential oil helps you relax and provide a deep unhindered sleep. Choose our lavender bath salts if you prefer taking relaxing baths before a good night's sleep. 

A citrus essential oil blend with lemongrass and clementine instantly recharges you and leaves you smelling refreshed right after you step out of your bath. 

A floral essential blend with neroli essential oil is perfect to help de-stress and calm your senses as it is extremely efficient in dealing with stress and anxiety. 

Rejuvenating Eucalyptus essential oil blend tackles any allergies, sinuses and helps you deal with any congestion, perfect for when you are feeling under the weather.


Ingredients - 

Unpolished edible grade Himalayan pink rock salts, custom essential oil blend 

Quantity - 160 grams